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bf537, vdk, lwip, ppi errors

Question asked by dimm on Apr 23, 2010
Latest reply on May 24, 2010 by PrasanthR

I need help in solving a problem:


I'm making a project on ez-kit bf537,  on basement of vdk+lwip, I added ppi driver in the input mode (data and synchro come from adc via fpga), uart driver is included in the project as well. dcb is not used.
I send udp-packets (with send() function) on each third callback of ppi  (ppi runs on 1 kHz), the packet goes out completely before the next send cycle - I see it by oscilloscope. Some time it all run well, 10 min, half an hour, and in one moment the ppi driver throws the ADI_PPI_EVENT_ERROR_INTERRUPT error (in the callback-function) and trying to restart the ppi driver (via UART command or immediately in the program code) fails - with hanging all the program.  I tried single-threaded and two-threaded (different for ppi and send) variants - the same result.



what should I explore to find the reason, to find details about the error? How should I properly restart ppi driver in case of error?


Unfortunately I have no emulator, all debugging is through uart,  ethernet, oscilloscope.