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problem with vat_real_time_adsp_bf609 on ez-kit and Extender_Board

Question asked by roilandtangyu on Jun 21, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 21, 2013 by AnilSripadarao

I try to build and run the vat_real_time_adsp_bf609 demo in cces(I follow the "KT-1855_VAT_RealTimeDemoUsersGuide.pdf" to do that), it appears some errors:

failed to set TWI device number to access ADV7842 video decoder, Error code:0x00000008


I found that the error is caused by calling ConfigureSoftwareSwitches() functions in decoder_config.c, more specifically,in this function, when call adi_twi_Write() it return the 14 say "ADI_TWI_BUFFER_ERROR"


VAT Ex: 2.3.0

EZ-Kit board revision: 1.0


I don't attach any camera or LCD to Extender_Board, I just want to do a test to see if the application can run on ez-kit and Extender_Board.