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Out of Memory in Output Section L1_code

Question asked by mellouli on Jun 21, 2013
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I keep having an error message li1040 while building my project.


It says


[Error li1040] "..\system\startup_ldf\app.ldf":329 Out of memory in output section 'L1_code' in processor 'CORE_0'

        Total of 0xce word(s) were not mapped.

For more details, see 'linker_log.xml' in the output directory.


and the warning message related to it is

[Warning li2152]  The following input file(s) 'si-revision' is incompatible with any [ADSP-BF609]

           0.0 [ADSP-BF6xx]  libadi_image_tool_box_cces.dlb[image_tool_box_globals.doj]

           0.0 [ADSP-BF6xx]  libadi_image_tool_box_cces.dlb[uyvy2rgb.doj]


What I have been trying to do, is to decode, process and to change the video frame from UYVY to RGB.


I have changed the ldf files and I have added different INPUT_SECTIONS into MEM_L1_CODE


After compiling, an error icon is displayed right on the line of the L1_code DEF_SECTION_QUAL


You can find attached a screenshot of my error