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Sync Polarity Error in ADV7611/ADV7513 Repeater Driver

Question asked by Nikkee on Jun 20, 2013
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We use ADV7611/ADV7513 Repeater Driver in our set.
1) It is DVI input and DVI output.
2) The error is that Sync Polarities of some video formats are inverted.
    It happens once every 5 times at inserting and removing a cable or video format change.
3) The error happens in video formats of positive sync and inverts a output sync polarity

    from a positive sync to a negative sync(Default).
    INV_HS_POL(Add 98(IO)0x06[1])= 0x00 (default)
    INV_VS_POL(Add 98(IO)0x06[2])= 0x00 (default)
4) We have done the following workaround.
    - Timing of "CheckDvi = TRUE", which is the trigger for routine of "Set DVI mode sync polarity",
      is changed from "(RxVideoDetected() && VidStable)" to (RxState.Changed).
      Refer to L426 of attached sysa_modified.c.
    - When a sync polarity is set in "ADIAPI_RepRxSetManualFreeRun" of "sync.c" detecting
      a mode change of "REP_MonitorAVrMode",  "SetSyncPolarity" is done

      after getting video format by "ADIAPI_RepRxGetDetectin"
      Refer to L973 and L974 of attached sysa_modified.c.
5) After doing our workaround, the error have not happened at present.
6) Could you advice that our workaround is no problem or not?

thanks in advance,