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Boot BF548 using UART

Question asked by sujan5614 on Jun 20, 2013
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I am working on ADSP BF548 Ez KIt Lite Board, using CCES.


I have a requirement to boot from UART port, then perform a loopback over the same UART port. I followed the link:, and followed the steps for LdrViewer.


Well, I was able to successfully boot a simple LedGPIO .ldr file using this process.

Then I tried to boot another application which performs a loopback on UART1.

I am assured that the code is bug less, since I have booted the same code using SPI Flash, and also in debug mode.


The behavior is something like this:

It loops only the first character I press, then it stops responding.


My concern is I am using UART1 to boot the Processor in UART boot mode, and I am using UART1 for a loopback.

So can it be the source of the problem?


Or is there any other point I need to take care of, please guide.