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ADSP 21364 EZ-kit

Question asked by kabiee on Apr 23, 2010
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I am working in ADSP 21364 EZ-kit. I want to see aliasing effect at the output by setting low sampling rate of ADC, below 48KHz, which is the default sampling rate. I know if I go beyond 24KHz I can see aliasing effect,  but anti-aliasing filter at ADC attenuates everything above 21.77KHz (pass band ) as mentioned AD1835 data sheet.


I read a post in the forum (by Mitesh) and grasped some idea about how to downsample DAC by scaling IMCLK.But is it possible to change sampling rate of ADC as well? On datasheet it shows,  Bit 6 of ADC control 1 register can be set to either 0 or 1 for 48 or 96 KHz, so what options do we have for sampling below 48KHZ?



Thanks in advance.