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Readback mode in ADF4158

Question asked by Maksim on Jun 19, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2013 by rbrennan

I am sorry casually I closed a subject "Receive data from ADF4158".


In a mode "readback" there are no data at the exit Muxout. Mode "Serial data out" and etc. complete correctly.

For readback mode, I write register R0..R7 data:

R0=0x78320000,  R1=0x00000001, R2=0x00408002, R3=0x00004003, R4=0x00400004 ,

R5=0x0C000005, R6=0x00000006, R7=0x00000007.

Send me please the Read data Timing diagram (real)  with signal CLK vs. TXdata and LE, because I am not confident in correctness of my "Read time" diagram.

Thank You.