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Link Boot

Question asked by Ani on Jun 19, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 4, 2013 by MaheshN



I am working on ADSP-TS201S EZ-kit lite Evaluation board.

I runned the example project Link Boot.

In this project DSPB boots DSPA and then becomes idle.

DSPA runs the IIR code.


I made few changes in the example code as follows.

1) i replaced IIR code with blink led code which is in C

     So DSPA executed blink led code after booting.

2) I tried DSPB to run blink led code after booting DSPA.

    So i added a C file to the project Link_ldr which calls assembly (MasterDSPB.asm) 

    function and after returning executes blink led code.


   But DSPB is executing blink led code after tranferring bootcode to DSPA, but DSPA is not executing blink led code.

    So what could be the problem, why DSPA is not booted when C file is added.