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BF548 EZ-KIT Lite - USB Mass Storage Device Demo

Question asked by MichaelD on Apr 20, 2010
Latest reply on May 6, 2010 by MartinK
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Hello all,


I have some Problems running the USB Mass Storage Device Demo for BF548 EZ-KIT Lite ($VISUALDSP\Blackfin\Examples\ADSP-BF548 EZ-KIT Lite\Drivers\usb\mass_storage_app).


If I compile the project with enabling harddisk access for USB operations the device is shown in Device Manager (I'm using Windows 7), but there is no harddisk/partition which can be accessed. Only the information that device is plugged in is visible.


If I uncomment the define _USE_ONBOARD_HARD_DISK_ in mass_storage_app.c to force using of SDRAM instead of harddisk everything works fine and I can access the SDRAM-"disk", so the problem seems to depend on using the ATAPI harddisk with this application.

Does anybody have any idea what can be further done to solve this problem?