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ADAU1761 - Routing processed audio stream to serial out for connection to Digital Audio Interface Transmitter (DIT)

Question asked by IanH on Apr 20, 2010
Latest reply on Apr 20, 2010 by JeradL

For the ADAU1761, I would like to process the analog audio inputs and then output the result for the serial stream mode  to the DIT.

e.g., CS8406 Digital Audio Interface Transmitter (DIT) instead of using the DAC outputs.


In this way I have a remote digitally connected microphone input (remote PA).


The datasheet for the ADAU1761 state that R59: Serial Output Route Control, 16627 (0x40F3) is used to control where the ADCs send serial data. It states that this location can be to the DSP or to any TDM slot of the serial port.


Q: Can the output of DSP core (e.g., the input to the DACs) be sent to the serial port instead of the output of the ADCs? If so, how?


R15 to R18 control the serial port but none of the registers imply that the source of the serial data out can come from the DSP memory.


Ian Hickey