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BF548: Sync errors while receiving images with EPPI

Question asked by Newcomer123 on Jun 18, 2013
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i want to grab the images from a CMOS imager. The CMOS imager outputs 8 Bit grayscale pictures with a resolution of 772x110. It's part of sensor therefore it has not a "normal TV-Resolution". The data comes with 8 Bit parallel with 25 MHz resulting in 25 MB/s. Horizontal and Vertical Sync are avaiable and connected to EPPI0_FS1 and EPPI0_FS2.


The imager is not connected directly to BF548, there is a FPGA between. The FPGA hides every second frame by keeping HSYNC and VSYNC Low.


I get pictures, but they are mostly out of sync or in other word displaced. I attached two images and the project.

Connecting the PPI_EFS3 to GND causes no change.

For test purposes, i discard the first 18 pictures as you can in the Callbackfunction to get rid off some sync problems at first.

What else can i do?


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