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ADF4350 and Rasberry Pi

Question asked by markamer on Jun 18, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 18, 2013 by rbrennan

I'm trying to control the adf4350 with a Rasberry Pi with the BCM2835 processor, because I want to control the frequency from a remote computer. I'm using kernel version on Debian. I do have the eval board with me(ADF4350EB1Z). I've come up with some results but encounter problems.


Here's what i've come up so far:

-I coded in C a program that takes a frequency in argument and give the register values. That works and I have the same result than your program given with the eval board.

-I'm able to write 32 bits with wiringPi SPI library, function(wiringPiSPIDataRW). Although it writes in chunk of 8bits. The clock stop for a cycle between every 8 bit chunks. In the BCM2835 documentation, it says that it only supports 8 or 9 bits per word.



WiringPi Library SPI




What i want to know:

-Is it possible to run your code(Analog Device ADF4350.c) on my kernel version? There is few documentation about the iio library you're using. It doesn't seem to be supported on my Pi version. Can you give me more details? (source code, library etc..)

-Is it a problem to write to the registers 8 bit at a time with SPI? It probably is since the LE will be triggered every 8 bits??

-Any other solutions to get around those issues?



Thanks a lot!