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simulation problem with uart

Question asked by durga. on Jun 18, 2013
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i am using adsp21479, i written code for on chip UART for read and write operations... i followed the following note given in hardware reference... but while trying write on UART0IER same data will copied on UART0DLH..


is this simulator problem???????

note:Some UART registers share the same IOP address. The UART0DLL

registers are mapped to the same address as the UART0THRand

UART0RBRregisters. The UART0DLHregisters are mapped to the same

address as the interrupt enable registers (UART0IER). Note that the

UARTDLABbit in the UART0LCRregister must be set before the UART

divisor latch registers can be accessed. If the UARTDLABbit is cleared,

access to the UART0THRand UART0RBRor UART0IERregisters occurs.