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DTMF Generator/Detection on BF548 on uClinux

Question asked by mated on Apr 16, 2010
Latest reply on Apr 20, 2010 by Stephan


   We want to integrate the DTMF Generator and DTMF Detection (from the URLs listed below) into an app running on the BF548 under uClinux.  Running either of the downloaded .exe files on a Windows machine yields "This module requires at least Visual DSP++ 5.0 update 6. You must install this version of Visual DSP++ before proceeding".


   On the download page for the DTMF Generator (see below), it says "Note : BF535 and BF537 are not supported. The module is also tested on uClinux on BF548.". What steps are required to integrate the DTMF Generator into an application on uClinux? Will the same procedure work for the Detection code as well? Is there a different download to obtain an object file which will work directly with the GNU tools?





==== DTMF Generator URL ====

==== DTMF Detection URL ====