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The pitch,roll and yaw of ADIS16480 is incorrect

Question asked by nicholaslin on Jun 18, 2013
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I've just got the ADIS16480 and EVAL-ADIS. I meet three problems as followed.

1) When i set the EKF_CNFG(0x0308)which contain the body frame,the software "IMU_Evaluation.exe" display that "roll, pitch and yaw" is not correct.  When I rotated in a horizontal state, pitch angle and roll angle are changing, and the yaw angle does not meet the actual situation.


2) Can be successfully read the  x_xxxx_OUT registers but the x_xxxx_LOW registers are incorrect.


3) Setup software reset or factory reset, some registers can not be reset to its original value, as ekf_cnfg register values are not able to reach 0x0200.