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AD9739A-FMC-EBZ operation with Xilinx board

Question asked by funk48 Employee on Jun 17, 2013
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My customer is trying to evaluate your AD9739A using AD9739A-FMC-EBZ board and purchased total
4 boards from us, one is Rev.B board and other three are Rev.C boards but it seems three Rev.C boards don’t work with Xilinx board properly. Actual system is “ AD9739A-FMC-EBZ “ + “KC705” with your reference design code.


- Rev. B: Works fine

- Two Rev. C: If repeat software reset and/or power supply turn on/off, sometimes the board work

  - Another Rev.C board: Not operate at all which mean no DAC output and data receiver is unlocked


Is there an something difference of Xilinx design file between Rev.B and Rev.C board?

Why rev.C board can't work this the design file for KC705 in Wiki page?


Regards, Satoshi