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Program can run in debug mode but not in flash

Question asked by hchu on Apr 14, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 3, 2010 by Andreas

This program is modifies VideoInEdgeDetection project, add some functions and some variables. It can run rightly by connecting BF-561, Rebuilding project, Using debug mutiprocess run. But some problems in burning this program into the board's flash.

BF-561 ez-kit

Project type: Loader file

Load option: Flash/PROM->Binary->16bit

Boot kernel: 561_PROM16.dxe

Using flash programmer to burn LDR file into flash.

I without emulator, so I don't know what happened in flash. I set LED light to know where the break point. Beginning I think the reason is SDRAM mallocation, but it looks no relation. Some variable's names are same in different functions, but it can build and without any problem.


Have any way can solve this problem ?


Other question

In Vdsp5.0 guild note, we can simulate flash program by Setting->Load Sim Loader->PROM.

But my Vdsp 5.0++ update 7 without this option.