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Debugging Memory on Blackfin with external or dma modifications

Question asked by moerte on Apr 15, 2010
Latest reply on Apr 22, 2010 by CraigG

I am debugging an fpga memory connected to the 16bit  async bank1 of the adsp-bf523 blackfin processor.

The memory is written in the fpga continuously with 16bit  values.

When debugging the memory address with the  expressions window, the is a fault that the value reading is not  correct.

When debugging with the Blackfin memory window the values  are valid.

It looks like the expression window is  accessing in byte sequences, because there are always the upper 8bit and  the lower 8bit valid,

but not the whole 16bit.

This Problem occurs also if debugging internal memory that is written by 16bit dma. expressions window fault and memory window is valid