ADF4350 Eval Board Does Not Lock (software bug)

Discussion created by Kevin.G Employee on Apr 13, 2010
Latest reply on Apr 13, 2010 by icollins

I've discovered a small bug in some versions of the evaluation software.  If you first load the evaluation software and don't edit the REFCLK frequency, you'll notice the evaluation board does not indicate lock.  If you look, you'll notice that the PFD frequency indicated in the bottom right corner does not match what it should be based on the REFCLK frequency.  If you didn't change any multipliers/dividers, they should be the same.


For some reason, the REFCLK frequency box is displaying 25MHz, but the software thinks the REFCLK frequency is 10MHz.  To fix this, simply edit the REFCLK frequency and the software will correct itself.  I think this is a problem with newer versions of evaluation software, but not with older versions.  I have version 2.5 and the default value shown for REFCLK is 10MHz.