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How to use SDRAM for programs

Question asked by M.Antony on Apr 12, 2010
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I am using BF-527. As my projects is quite bigger and contains lot of lines of code, the onchip instruction SRAM is not sufficient to load the entire code. Therefore I have planned to use the SDRAM. I have enabled the SDRAM in the project options and used an XML file to initialize the EBIU registers. I checked the SDRAM functionality by writing a few random bytes of data in a random location and have read it correctly. This ensures that the SDRAM is working properly. But when I tried to load(using emulator) the project which uses the SDRAM as an instruction memory, It always halts in "Unknown Exception" . I have checked the LDF file and it contains an input section called "program" which is the default section for instructions. What could be problem? What are the things to take care when using SDRAM for instruction/program? Anybody Please kindly help......