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How do I turn on the AMP shown in ADC Block Diagram?

Question asked by dinrail on Jun 17, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 9, 2013 by MMA

A problem I try to take care is: My inputs are connected to AduCM360 in parallel with a 1MOhm resistor to ground. When I remove the input signal, ground the inputs for about 1ms then float it, instead of staying near ground due to the 1M Ohm pull-down, the ADC's input brings the floating input back towards the previous signal!


I tried different gain settings and the result was the same


If I place an Op-Amp in front of ADC, this problem goes away, so I'd like to turn on the AMPs for both the positive and negative inputs to stop such feedback, but I cant' find any flag to turn on them in AdcLib.C (see below for AdcBuf(), which offers flag to turn off the BUF, but not AMP)


Could you give me a pointer?