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ADG936 at 6 GHz

Question asked by Zartagal on Jun 17, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 18, 2013 by EricC


I would like to connect the ADG936 switch with the ADL5375 and ADL5380. I would like to use the whole range of this two mod/dem devices (up to 6 GHz). and I want to adaptate two specific filters, and switch between them with the ADG936 switch. In another discusion, they told me to use this switch if the source has enought power at the desired frequency to comply with the minimal of the ADL5375/80 (-6dBm). The problem is that I can't see in the graphs of the ADG936 the losses at 6 GHz and I cannot know the minimal power output that I need in the synthethizer source.

Could someone tell me the instertion losses at 6 GHz in the ADG936?

There is any other problem asociated?