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Booting Problems BF518F from external SPI-Flash

Question asked by bluewhite69 on Apr 8, 2010
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2010 by blue69

Project: \ldr\init_code\c\ADSP-BF518F EZ-Board

DXE:     ezboardBF518f_initcode_ROM-V01.dxe


CMD: (for Parallel)

"elfloader.exe" BlinkBF518.dxe  -b flash -f hex -Width 8 -init "ezboardBF518f_initcode_ROM-V01.dxe" -o BlinkBF518.ldr -si-revision 0.1 -proc ADSP-BF518

or for external SPI

"elfloader.exe" BlinkBF518.dxe  -b flash -f hex -Width 16 -init "ezboardBF518f_initcode_ROM-V01.dxe" -o BlinkBF518.ldr -si-revision 0.1 -proc ADSP-BF518



Flashed with

Blackfin\Examples\ADSP-BF518F EZ-Board\Flash Programmer\Parallel\BF518FEzFlashDriver_M29W320EB.dxe

SW1=1 (parallel Flash)


flashing ok

booting ok



Examples\ADSP-BF518F EZ-Board\Flash Programmer\Serial\BF518FEzFlashDriver_M25P16.dxe

SW1=3 (external SPI Flash)  SW3.4=OFF JP16=ON

flashing ok

booting not ok!!


After changing the initcodeBF518f_initcode.c


void initcode(ADI_BOOT_DATA* pBS)
    u16 uwIMASK_reg = 0;
    u32 udUART_BIT_RATE = 0;
    u16 uwUARTx_MCR = 0;
        s32 sdFlashAddress = 0;
    s32 sdSpiAddress = 0;
    u32 v, bit;


  *pPORTHIO_DIR  = 0x68;  // LEDs   
     *pPORTHIO_SET  = 0x20;
     *pPORTHIO_CLEAR  = 0x20;




I could see the LED2 glimming with Parrallel-Flash-Boot.

with the external-SPI-Flash not!  so that it seems that the initcode is not started???


Any Ideas?