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LWIP fragmentation and reassembly

Question asked by adt1 on Apr 6, 2010
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i am having problems with reassembling udp data packet fragments in the lwip stack that is supplied with the latest visualDSP (5.0 update 6).  When i try to receive upd packets (blocking calls) from my application that are smaller than the MTU of the ethernet, the receive-function of the lwip stack returns with the correct data. When i try to receive packets greater than the MTU of the net, the blocking receive-call does not return from the lwip stack, although the (fragmented) packets and all data is visible on the net.


This seems to be a bug on reassembling the ip fragments. In the changelog of the LWIP CVS there were some bugfixes to this issue some time ago. The source files of the lwip shipped with VisualDSP seem to be quite old. Will there be an update for the LWIP stack in the next time?


Has anyone expirienced similar problems and tried the compile the latests LWIP sources?


I would be greateful for some response.