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ENCM515 -- Challenge questions -- 1 -- TigerSHARC assembly

Question asked by MikeSmithCanada on Apr 2, 2010
Latest reply on Apr 15, 2010 by jeyanthi.jegadeesan

Each year I run a ENCM515 TigerSHARC course and part of the course is for the students  to make up their own question and answer it


The student asked -- is this TigerSHARC instruction valid --    J11:8 = XYR1:0;;


I put it through the assembler and the answer is -- much to my surprise -- it is valid


So the proper question that student should have asked is 


1) Why is this instruction valid  J11:8 = XYR1:0;; on the tigersharc?

2) What part of the architrecture actually handles it?

3) Find an example where the use of this instruction actually makes sense!


What would be answer?