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Calculate Max Power Consumption of ADF4xxx

Question asked by Kevin.G Employee on Apr 1, 2010
Latest reply on Apr 1, 2010 by icollins

I've looked at a few ADF4xxx parts recently that specify the supply voltages for AVDD, DVDD & SDVDD, and VP, and specify the currents for DIDD+AIDD, ICP, IRFOUT, and for the output dividers.  How do I calculate the maximum power this part may consume?  Is either of ICP and IRFOUT included in DIDD+AIDD?  The spec for the dividers is 6mA to 24mA typical.  Does this mean 6mA per divider?


I would guess that ICP and IRFOUT are not included in DIDD + AIDD so the max power consumption is the sum of all the currents times the power supply voltage (AVDD is usually equal to DVDD), with the exception of the charge pump which has a different power supply.  Can someone confirm this for me?


Right now I'm trying to calculate this for the ADF4150, but I think it could apply to just about any ADF4xxx part.