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Run out of MIPS?

Question asked by PHAE on Mar 31, 2010
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Hello there,


I am trying to program a setup on Sigmastudio with an FIR- Filter with 400 Values. I have a two- way system, but I use only one FIR- Block on both ways. This does work, but as soon as i add a Limiter Block (Standard Peak Compressor (No Gain)) and try to compile the following Error Message occurs:



It is pretty obvious, what it tries to tell me. My Question is: Is it possible, that this Limiter Block requires that much Resources? If yes, how can I fix it? I would prefer not leaving my Speakers unprotected, but I need that much FIR- Values. I tried to reduce the System Sampling Rate, but that had no effect. Also i find it very suspicious, because the help file tells me, that I can use up to 800 FIR- values.

I am using the ADAU 1702 DSP, Sigmastudio 3.1 on Windows 7, if that is important in any way.


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