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interrupt nesting

Question asked by John on Mar 29, 2010
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I am working on a real time control project with a ADSP-21469 develpoment kit, the program includes mainly three interrupts, one of them is the SPORT 1 that interrupts every 5us, another is the low priority timer to calcualte the control output about every 2ms, and the last one if the UART interrupt to communicate with a host PC. I need SPORT 1 interrupt be able to interrupt the timer and UART interrupts to ensure absolute reliable signal processing and sensor feedback. I use:


interrupt(SIG_SP1, AD1939_samples)

interrupt(SIG_TMZ, timer_isr)

interrupt(SIG_P13, UARTisr)


but this did not work, the SPORT1 interupt can interrupt UART interrupt, but seems can not inrerupt the timer interrupt. do I need to set priority in the PICRx registers,


any help is highly appreciated.