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BF527: Indirect booting from SPI serial flash

Question asked by vix on Mar 29, 2010
Latest reply on Apr 8, 2010 by LindaJ

I read a lot of documentation before deciding to use BF527 in a new project: in the Hardware Reference Manual (chapter 15 - System Reset and Booting) there is a paragraph called Indirect Booting where I can read


The ADSP-BF52x boot kernel provides a control mechanism to let blocks
either boot directly to their final destination or load to an intermediate
storage place, then copy the data to the final destination in a second step.


In some advanced booting scenarios the core needs to access the
boot data during the booting process, for example in processing
de-compression, decryption and checksum algorithms at boot time.


Indirect booting is not a global setting. Every boot block can control its
own processing by the BFLAG_INDIRECT flag in the block header.

and this is exactly what I want to do.


But I couldn't understand how to set the BFLAG_INDIRECT and to implement a working Indirect Booting.

I didn't find any example, so I sent an email to the technical support.

But they told me this is not possible, so I have to write the boot ROM by myself.

This is not acceptable!!!

I've asked to speak with one of the developers, but they refused...

They told me that I can use the forum if I'm not satisfied by the private technical support.


I've been waiting for a working indirect booting example for BF527 and SPI flash....