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Does anyone have a boot application code?

Question asked by Jesse on Mar 28, 2010
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Following is my project:


There are two VisualDSP++5.0 projecst. They are the same.

I want to use one for normally use and update, the other is used for backup.


So I want to put them in different locations in flash.

And if first one is crash, I can start the buckup.


I have read some documents:

About "Multi-DXE Management" , There just one ldr file. I think it is difficult for updating


I also check boot rom

Is it possible to put two ldr file in different location in flash?

I use a application like boot rom in 0x20000000

when the board start to run, it run my boot application first, then decide which real application (normal one or backup one) should be used.



VisualDSP++5 up4