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ADV7393 monochrome PAL signal

Question asked by HankZ on Mar 26, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2010 by HankZ

I will try to explain our problem more thoroughly.

We are using the ADV7393 to generate analog video in PAL square pixel mode, 625 line, interlaced. Our input to the device is 10 bit 4:2:2 YCrCb, single data rate pixel data delivered at 29.5 MHz along with a clock of 29.5 MHz and a Vsync and Hsync signal. The field period for the VSync signal is 20 mS. The line period for the Hsync signal is 64 uS. The falling edge of the Vsync and Hsync signals are aligned for each odd field start. We are intending to operate the device as standard definition, timing mode 2, slave option.


We do see PAL analog video generated by the device, however it is monochrome only, even if we enable the internal color bar test pattern. The video signal timing looks correct as far as line time and field time as well as the blanking waveforms. The color burst frequency is 4.43 MHz as expected, but the video signal does not produce color.


I believe we are failing to properly configure one or more registers in the ADV7393.
Can you send me a complete register configuration to operate the device in the mode described above?