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ADL5530 as Pre-Amp to Mitsubishi RA07M4047M

Question asked by Kevin.G Employee on Mar 25, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2010 by Jim

I've tested the ADL5530 by itself and it works fine, but when I connect its output to my Mitsubishi RA07M4047M I get oscillations.  I read in the Mitsubishi datasheet that one of the things that could cause oscillations is if the input impedance to the part is not 50 ohms.  The datasheet says the ADL5530 is internally matched to 50 ohms, but the recommended circuit has an 470 nH inductor on the output to VDD.  I've measure the output impedance of the ADL5530 and am getting a value more like 4 ohms.  Can you tell me what the inductor part number that ADI uses on the evaluation board and/or what I may be doing wrong?