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Ethernet TX - functional just with delay?!

Question asked by Michl on Mar 23, 2010
Latest reply on Apr 14, 2010 by JiangW

Hey guys,

I'm trying to set up and initiate a raw ethernet communication. At the moment i try to set up the TX but there is some strange behaviour.

I'm using the Power-on-self-test-routines from the ethernet_test.c. I'm not transmitting continously but four messages.


for( ib = 0; ib < NO_TX_BUFS; ib++ )
        txbuf = Ethernet_Setup_TxBuffer(TXFRM_SIZE,0x0A);
        if( NULL == txbuf )
        {    // memory allocation failed
        if (txfst==NULL)
            txfst = txbuf;
        if (txlst != NULL)
            txlst->pNext = txbuf;                            // chain this buffer on
            txlst->Dma[1].NEXT_DESC_PTR = &txbuf->Dma[0];    // chain the descriptors
            txlst->Dma[1].CONFIG.b_NDSIZE = 5;                // five elements
            txlst->Dma[1].CONFIG.b_FLOW   = 7;
            txlst->Dma[1].CONFIG.b_DI_EN  = 1;                // large descriptors
        txlst = txbuf;

    // start the TX DMA channel before enabling the MAC
    txbuf = txfst;
    if (txfst != NULL)
        *pDMA2_NEXT_DESC_PTR = &txfst->Dma[0];
        *pDMA2_CONFIG =  *((u16*)&txfst->Dma[0].CONFIG);


//    while (i < 0x7FFFFFF) {i++;}


    // finally enable sending/receiving at the mac
    *pEMAC_OPMODE = (TE /*| RE*/ | FDMODE);


As you can see, i changed some function names, but the action behind it is still the same.

Now here's the problem:


When I'm using the delay (while (i < 0x7FFFFFF) {i++;}), the four messages are transmitted and I can see them with Wireshark.

When not, the messages are not transmitted.

Must there be some delay between setting up the first descriptor and initiate the EMAC to transmit?


And: I want an interrupt after every status descriptor event, so i set the (txlst->Dma[1].CONFIG.b_DI_EN  = 1;) but there's just one single interrupt at the end of the whole four messages....


Thanks so far.



In addition, the TX_STAT of every frame is 0x00400043, so the transmit is OK and COMPLETE....

Does anyone have an idea?