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Very Unhappy with my usbi

Question asked by Cubyte on Mar 21, 2010
Latest reply on May 24, 2012 by Cubyte

I've already had one usbi unit failure within 2 weeks so i purchased 2 more units.

This morning i tryed to restart a project and within 30min the second unit as died.

They Seem to fail after programing and disconnecting the usbi from the target board.

Are they some tips to avoid this happening to my 3rd and last programmer

I also can't seem to program an external eeprom 24lc16b within the design studio can anybody tell me what setting i should use tryed page size 256 and memory size 16 but reads, i've also pulled wp pin to vss.



My other question is can i buy any other development kit / programmer which does not use the usbi unit to finnish my projects?