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Breakpoints with ADZS-21369-EZLITE

Question asked by avuola on Mar 22, 2010
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I'm wondering how should breakpoints work with the Visual DSP and the EZ-kit? If I add some breakpoints to c-codefiles, only the first seems to be working, others do nothing? Automatically created breakpoints seems to work fine when I build the project. But when I reset it, all the breakpoints disappears, and I can't add it anymore because breakpoints selections are no longer visible in the right click menu. Only way to get it back is to rebuild the project. Is this normal operation and I just don't understand something, I'm totally new with these? I'm using x64 Windows 7 and ADZS-21369-EZLITE. Program is slighly modified main loop of the example application (Block based talk through). Application works totally fine if there is no any breakpoints.


unsigned int counter=0;


while(1) {

     if (counter > 1000) {    //breakpoint 1

          counter=0;            //breakpoint 2

          sysreg_bit_tgl(sysreg_FLAGS, FLG4);  //toggling led


     else {

          counter++;           //breakpoint 3

          sysreg_bit_tgl(sysreg_FLAGS, FLG5);




If I toggle breakpoints on the mentioned lines, only the first one halts the operation, other two does nothing. So by pressing F5, the execution always halt on the first breakpoint line, leds/flag doesn't toggle and the counter value doen't chage.