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BF-52x VDDOTP / VPPOTP needed?

Question asked by dav on Mar 20, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2010 by BobK

In the power-estimation doc, a line says.

Note that VPPOTP must be 7V (nominal) when writing to OTP and 2.5V (nominal) at all other times.


Question: Is that really needed or can we just have VDDOTP powered (for reading data during boot), and only power VPPOTP when needed for programming the OTP memory?



We've been running without both vdd and vpp-otp connected and it works (except during boot). But to simplfy things on our next revision, I'd like to just have vddotp wired if only that one is needed for reading otp.



Anyone with info how it's actually working under the hood?