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Discussion created by Laz on Mar 17, 2010
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Thanks Craig;


Your method works, and I can see how to move it from L1 to L2 as needed.  In retrospect, I see what they did - they compiled to separate JPEG sections so the User (me) can put them anywhere they wanted.  Sometime soon, I'm probably going to have to learn more about which code goes where, instead of using the compiler defaults.


The next issue is that the library is looking for more functions, which I don't know where to find.


[Error li1021]  The following symbols referenced in processor 'p0' could not be resolved:
        'JPEG_BitsBuffer_CONFIG [_JPEG_BitsBuffer_CONFIG]' referenced from 'libadi_jpeg_encoder_bf.dlb[JPEG_MemAllocCalls.doj]'
        'JPEG_BitsBuffer_DELETE [_JPEG_BitsBuffer_DELETE]' referenced from 'libadi_jpeg_encoder_bf.dlb[JPEG_MemAllocCalls.doj]'
        'JPEG_BitsBuffer_DELETE [_JPEG_BitsBuffer_DELETE]' referenced from 'libadi_jpeg_encoder_bf.dlb[JPEG_encoder.doj]'
        'JPEG_BitsBuffer_FLUSH [_JPEG_BitsBuffer_FLUSH]' referenced from 'libadi_jpeg_encoder_bf.dlb[JPEG_encode_baseline.doj]'
... and 25 more


Is there a second _BitsBuffer_ library file?