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How can ADV7611 detect the HDMI input mode?

Question asked by yan201399 on Jun 16, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 17, 2013 by yan201399

Hi ,every one.

  I have a problem in using ADV7611 as a capture in my custom board.

  the board is dm36x. it is designed to receive PC's output by adv7611, and then transporting into dm36x's resizer. and at last encode into h264 stream.

  my problem is , whatever the PC output.(e.g 1920x1080@60hz, 1600x900@60hz ,720x480@60hz and so on..) , the Line per field is always between 0x462~0x465,which read from register CP(0xa4,0xa3)

and I just use Line per field  and FPS*1000 to determin the input mode of current PC's output,without Line count in vertical sync which from register CP(0xb3)


so i cannot know the PC's output ,and the DM36x's resizer get a wrong input width/height parameter from adv7611's line per filed register.


i upload my configuration in a txt file.


in the file , i config the HDMI(0x6C) to value 0xA7,that config HPA to manual mode. is this configuration right?