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Dolby on Sharc

Question asked by Tony on Mar 16, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2010 by Tony

Hello Quick question about Dolby licensing on Sharc Platform.


Any ways for a Analog Device Employee to clarify the process involved in getting access to the production code for  Dolby on Sharc Platforms?
I read the line: "You need to be a Dolby or DTS "qualified recipient" to  receive a Dolby  or DTS module. This implies that you have already  signed a license  agreement with Dolby or DTS."


I  would translate that to: "Talk to Dolby first, get a license and then talk to AD about  getting the code". Is that correct or am i missing something?


I'm currently in talks with Dolby but they have 2  licenses: System and Implementation. If AD software modules were already certified by Dolby, does this mean that I only need a system implementation?


Just trying to get my story straight on how that module&licensing works.