SigmaStudio Training Video Series

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The first videos in our video training series have been released to the web. Please check the SigmaStudio Online Video Channel to view them.


Click a video in the list below to view it.

Videos that are currently not available to view are listed in italics.


Video List:


A. Beginner Topics


A.1 Installation

A.2 Project Files

A.3 Creating a New Project

A.4 Project Properties

A.5 Hardware Configuration

A.6 Register Window

A.7 Algorithm Library / Tree Toolbox

A.8 System Sample Rate

A.9 Project Compilation – Download

A.10 Cut / Copy / Paste / Paste Special

A.11 Multiple Select / Select All

A.12 Undo / Redo / History

A.13 Printing

A.14 Zoom

A.15 Cell Alignment / Wire Alignment

A.16 Images / Comments

A.17 Add / Remove Algorithm

A.18 Grow / Reduce Algorithm


B. Algorithm Specific Topics


B.1 Input / Output

B.2 Volume Control / Mute

B.3 DSP Readback

B.4 Sources

B.5 T connection / Merger (Sum)

B.6 Chime generation

B.7 Gain envelope

B.8 Record envelopes

B.9 Surround algorithms

B.10 Dynamic Bass

B.11 Loudness

B.12 Basic DSP

B.13 Logic

B.14 Index / LUT

B.15 Delay / Feedback

B.16 Counters / Pulse Counters / Stop Watches

B.17 Dynamics Processors

B.17 Dynamics Processors
B.17.1 Gate / Expander / Compressor / Limiter

B.17 Dynamics Processors
B.17.2 Envelopes

B.17 Dynamics Processors
B.17.3 Standalone Limiters

B.18 Filters

B.19 GPIO / Interface Registers / Soft Interface Registers

B.20 Licensed Algorithms

B.21 Mixers / Splitters

B.22 Multiplexers / Demultiplexers

B.23 Non Linear Processors

B.24 Effects


C. Intermediate Topics

C.4.Sequencer / Sequence Launcher
C.5.DSP Readback / Level Detectors
C.6.Probe / Stimulus
C.7.Hierarchy Boards

C.7.1 Cut/Copy Paste


C.7.2 Load/Save

C.7.3 Freeze/Unfreeze

C.7.4 Hide/Unhide


C.8.1 Register

C.8.2 Project

C.8.3 Board

C.8.4 Cell


C.9.Export System Files
C.10.A/B Testing
C.11.Output Window
C.12.Third party communications interfaces
C.14.MLSSA Speaker Response
C.15.Cell Options


D. Advanced Topics


D.1 Basic tuning concepts

D.2 Auto tuning cell

D.3 Filter table generator

D.4 Add-ins Browser

D.5 Script Editor

D.6 Microcontroller Integration

D.7 EEPROM image generation / Self-boot


E. Hardware Topics


E.1 USBi setup guide

E.2 AD1940 Mini EB setup guide

E.3 AD1940AZ EB setup guide

E.4 ADAU1701 Mini EB setup guide

E.5 ADAU1401 EB setup guide

E.6 ADAU144x EB setup guide

E.7 ADAU1442DZ EB setup guide

E.8 ADAU1361 EB setup guide

E.9 ADAU1761 EB setup guide

E.10 ADAU1381 EB setup guide

E.11 ADAU1781 EB setup guide


F. Other Topics

F.1 Codecs Register Windows

F.2 Class D Register Windows


This post will be updated as new videos are created