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Can VDK+lwip works well with Blackfin561(si-version 0.3)?

Question asked by xerox on Mar 7, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2010 by xerox

Hi all,

     I used VDK+ lwip for network transfer with BF561(si-version 0.5), it works well with no problem.But several days ago, I use the same project with BF561(si-0.3). About 40% of these boards still works well for one day or more, 60% of these boards can process some network-packets before they crash.

     I dont know whether the VDK&lwip can work with si-0.3 BF561.Have you ever seen any problems like this?

     I use VisualDSP++4.5 with Feb 2007's update.