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adxl345 or adxl326? the problem is this?!! help,please.

Question asked by Mos74ph4 on Jun 16, 2013

hi everybody,


I've bought 2 adxl345 and I've used them several i encountered a new big problem.

i want to have more output values than before.i need to have acceleration  from every output in 1 sec for 2000 values!

i mean 2000 values from every sensor output in 1 sec. but according to datasheet,because of i2c and spi limitation i think it's impossible.

3200 Hz is the max rate.

1-how can i do that?

2-can anybody help me with this big it possible to do this with i2c+adxl?

3-what do you suggest me to do?

4-2000 values/1 sec.possible idea?

5-is it better to use adxl326 for this work?


by the way, i use avr+bascom+8 MHz internal oscillator+i2c+mmc(spi).


please,help me.i need it very soon.

thanks for any help.