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Problems Using VBSCRIPT to command the BTC automation interface

Question asked by SimonRizzello on Mar 9, 2010
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I'm trying to use the scripting interface to load commands into the VisualDSP IDE to be sent to a ADSP-21469 eval board over a EZ-Lite USB connection.


However, I find that the IDE crashes when I try to write data over the BTC interface (this doesn't happen when I do a memory fill operation from the IDE on the same BTC channel.)


I'm using the BTC Manager calls:






(where I've obtained a reference to btc_manager from the PluginList of the Visual DSP application)


(I'm using VB script, because I can't figure out a way of getting JScript to produce the Variant arrays specified in the BtcManager automation interface.)


I've attached my VB script file.


The script gets as far as printing out "Writing data..." and then the crash occurs.


Am I calling the BTC automation interface incorrectly perhaps?