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interfacing position sensor's signals to Adsp 21065L

Question asked by gunnros on Mar 8, 2010
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I have the intension of using the Adsp 21065L EZ - kit for the purpose of developing a control algorithm. The algorithm must use two pair of pulsetrain signals each pair coming

from an encoder (4 channels alltogether) as inputs and produce a PWM as output.

For the sake of completness let me tell that at each pair has a channel which carries the pulses to be captured and a channel whose logic level must determine through interrupts, either to

add or to subtract counts.


The thing is that 21065L has the constraint of having two timers either in timer/counter mode, either in PWM mode. So, If i am using one of them to produce the PWM output how can i

interface - make the pulse count or anything - the other two channels to the board? Is it imperative to use externally a counter IC and if yes how shall i interface it to the proccesor so as

not to loose any information?


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