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21375 ezkit lite, talkthru questions

Question asked by BosBeg on Mar 5, 2010
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I am getting started with sharc/ez-kits and have some questions. I want to setup a simple talkthru (Data In-simple modification-Data Out).


Therefore I  tried out the block based talkthru sample code for the ez-kit 21375 which is actually working perfect. But what I see is that the call "InitSport();" is starting talkthru before even assigning interrupts or performing any data processing. What also makes me wonder is that my program does not terminate although I commented out the endless loop.


I really appreciate if you could explain me this behavior. (I use ADSP 21375 ezkit lite, VDSP 5.0, debug mode)


Attached you can find initSPORT.c and main.c (adi sample code) where I commented out everything below InitSPORT(); and still talkthru working.


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