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AD9832 eval board on Xilinx FMC

Question asked by CodeWarrior on Jun 16, 2013
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The AD9832 is perfect for my application, and I'm wondering how to get it connected to my Xilinx demo board (SP605/KC705/Zynq). Ideally the system would not require a PC host to function.


I can get the board itself - EVAL-AD9832SDZ - and the FMC/SDP adapter - SDP-I-FMC. However, documentation also says that I'd need the SDP-B board... That's got a processor, USB, and all sorts of stuff I don't want.


Can the demo system be built with just the FMC adapter and the board itself? Alternatively, does the SDP-B board, if required, have a standalone mode that's built-in? Developing Blackfin application to support the AD9832 will take too long.