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Circular buffers as input args crosscorrelation

Question asked by Joachim on Mar 4, 2010
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I'd like to use circular buffers as input arguments to the intrinsic (DSP Run-Time Library) function crosscorr_fr16(). Is that possible?




fract16 a[512];

fract16 b[512];

fract16 c[256];


//Fill up a and b with data....


crosscorr_fr16(a, b, 512, 256, c);


What if a and b were circular buffers?


As I see it, crosscorr_fr16 only caclulates crosscorr of starting at the element x of the input array &(a[x]) and there is no way to handle wrap around if a were a circular buffer. I don't want to spend time copying "snapshot" values from a circular buffer into an array.


On the other hand, I think this must be a quite common task to calculate cross-correlation of data from FIFO (circular) buffers, so there's got to be a efficient solution. As I understand it, the intrinsic crosscorr_fr16 is the most efficient way to calculate the cross correlation.


Any ideas anyone?