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BF-561 EZ-KIT with a CMOS headboard related, advice for a nube badly needed.

Question asked by has981 on Mar 2, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2010 by Yoko

Hi all,


I'm a total freshie in the DSP programming so please execuse my ignorance.


I'm trying to build a prototype for a smart camera system and I've been researching the topic for a while now... I'm planning to use the BF-561 EZ-KIT lite with a micron CMOS sensor headboard but I'm not sure how to tell if a certain headboard will be compatable with the selected EZ_KIT. Is there something specific I must be looking for?


Note, the headboard I'm thinking of getting is: KIT HEADBOARD FOR MT9V131 (from or from


Also, I've noticed that an A/V Ez-Extender is necessary to be able to use a CMOS headboard, which I find confusing since the BF-561 EZ-KIT has the Analog Devices ADV7183A video decoder. I'm sure I must be missing something very obvious here so can anyone please point it out?


I really appreciate any kind of help or guidance or advise, really every little helps


Many thanks in advance,




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