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ADAU1701 audio clicks

Question asked by Vincent.Bruinink on Mar 1, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2010 by BrettG

I have just finisched my ADAU1701 proto board with AtMega32 AVR processor.


The DSP is booting from an externall NVM and the AtMega32 is used for realtime parameter update through a simple user interface (LCD + Rotary encoder with pushbutton).


I`m updating the parameters through the Saveload Write registers. As soon as I update some parameters in a sequencial order the audio starts to interrupt en clicks are audible.


Is there any way to avoid these interrupts?


I also noticed that some parameters needs to be updated without the 5.23 format. For instance the Hold(mS) in the peak gain compressor is not in 5.23 format. The actual parameter just needs to be shifted in the 4 bytes send buffer. Why?


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