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lwip socket size gohead web server

Question asked by tcmichals on Feb 24, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 3, 2010 by kaushal

Created a lwip with goahead web server... I've updated the web server to be able to accept uploaded files.  (I'm using the same code on another RTOS and TCP stack and it works fine) The issue is the socket is closing before all of the data is posted, it seems that lwIP is closing the socket...


I have a trace, from wire shark... I've increase the #define ETHER_STACK_SIZE    1024*1024*10 to 10M, and nothing really changes... I can post a small amount of data,   For example, 56K worth of data will post ok... but anything more the 56K the socket closes out from underneath the application...

The application is reading the socket and pull the data as fast as it can, I have a dump to the serial port showing the read of the socket.  So, is there a lwIP buffer setting or something to change?  Is there away to dump the statitics from the stack?


I'm using the latest VisualStudio update 7.